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Welcome to ACM Sacramento Chapter

Dr. Harsh Verma

I am privileged to invite you to partake in ACM Sacramento Chapter Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP) Series Talks, Workshops and events lined up for 2018.

ACM is the oldest and largest educational and scientific computing society worldwide, with more than 100,000 members in over 100 countries.

We launched 2015 with four exciting and informative DSP Talks by renowned ACM Distinguished Speakers. In 2016, we had six DSP Talks and in 2017, we concluded with about twelve DSP Talks - by 2017 we have conducted 22 exciting Talks.

I also take a moment to thank venue sponsors, Department of Technology, Sacramento County for making available a training room for these talks as well as Hacker Lab and Impact Capital for joint sessions. Digital technologies are opening up a new paradigm for the future world and fast transforming society itself. Intelligent Homes, Smart Buildings, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Autonomous Cars and Automated Factories are opening up new possibilities for how we interact with the world in our daily lives.

To invigorate the local community, we are planning the ACM 1st Symposium on Future Worlds – Future Worlds will connect Smart Cities, Autonomous Cars and Autonomous Worlds, Virtual Reality, AI and Machine Learning, Human Computer Interfaces, Internet of Things, Drones and Robotics, Cloud, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity. Dr Vinton Cerf, Internet Pioneer, Co-Founder of TCP/IP Protocol, Past President of ACM and known popularly as a Father of the Internet, has kindly agreed to keynote this event on Aug 2 2018! This event takes place at 9am at Sacramento City Hall with a warm welcome to Dr Cerf by Mayor Darrel Stienberg.

Please attend this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Join our hands for making ACM Sacramento Chapter a vibrant chapter.

Please make it your own and see how you can make a difference! Please join our hands in making ACM Sacramento Chapter a vibrant chapter!

Dr. Harsh Verma
Chairman, ACM Sacramento Chapter