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Augmented Reality - where we all will live

Dr. Joe Peddie
Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 5:00pm

Augmented reality is a far-reaching subject and has applications stretching from simple entertainment such as Pokemon, to life or death first responders and tele-medicine. AR apparatus spans from smartphones, to smart glasses, from HUDs to helmets for pilots and emergency workers. Everyone will use AR from consumers of all ages, to professionals of all industries. So how does augmented reality fit into all of this? As we are more conveniently, and comfortably able to access information in real time, we will literally and figuratively become augmented, though not physical—at least for a while. We will have greater access to information, and more quickly. And as we learn how to assimilate, process, and use this enhanced capability, we will become more creative, imaginative, and interesting. And as we do, emerging, or even nouveau-sentient machines will be confounded by us, always a step behind so to speak despite their astronomical processing speeds and memory access. Dr. Peddie will focus on consumer smart glasses, and discuss the technical challenges and social implications of everyone wearing smart glasses. Peddie believes AR glasses, worn as easily as we now wear prescription and sun glasses, will make the world a safer place.'

Dr. Jon Peddie is a recognized pioneer in the graphics industry, President of Jon Peddie Research and named one of the most influential analysts in the world.

Former President of Siggraph Pioneers, he serves on advisory board of several conferences, organizations, and companies, and contributes articles to numerous publications. In 2015 he was given the Life Time Achievement award from the CAAD society

He’s authored and contributed to eleven books, His most recent, "Augmented Reality, where we all will live”, and this summer his latest, “Ray Tracing” will be released.


Location:  Dept. of Technology, County of Sacramento, Sacramento, California


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